Questions You May Have

  • ✓ Who Do I work with and how?

    I work with many couples and individuals, from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, including mixed race marriages, religions, sexuality and ages, married, in civil partnerships, divorcing and separated

    I work face-to-face long term, as well as time-limited, depending on your needs

  • ✓ How long will we work together, when and where, fees?

    The first 1-3 sessions I have with clients are longer, 1 hour and 15 minutes, so that I can spend time with you understanding a bit more about you.

    My initial meeting fees for our first session are £100 for for individuals and £150 for couples

    After that initial meeting, should you want to begin regular therapy, sessions are weekly, and last for 50 minutes and we would explore an appropriate fee for weekly commitment, related to your means

    I practice in quiet discreet environments in Central W1 and North West London, purposefully constructed consulting suites with private waiting rooms, to give you privacy as you arrive and leave. Both are comfortable spaces

    I can also travel for organisational, team and individual coaching sessions

    Appointments start at 7:30am and end at 9:00pm, Monday to Friday, and there is some day time availability to try to accommodate your working patterns

    I may be able to offer times for couples on Saturday morning

    My coaching and organisational consulting fees are dependent on the nature of the work

    If you would like to ask any questions, or to book an initial appointment, please email me or call me at or on T: 0208 452 0794 M: 07816 523 951

  • ✓ Cancellations and Missed Sessions

    Once the initial appointment has been booked, if you cancel you will need to pay the full fee. If, after the initial appointment, you decide to continue with Psychotherapy or Counselling, we would normally agree a regular time which will be set aside for you as a dedicated on-going slot –all sessions, whether attended or not, need to be paid for.

    I understand that sometimes missed appointments are sometimes unavoidable and will do my best to offer you a substitute time as long as for the greater part of the time you are able to commit to the work. If I am away or ill you do not pay for the session

  • ✓ Patient contract

    Once we have agreed terms to work together I require you to sign a contract listing my terms and will give you a copy to keep for your reference.

  • ✓ Confidentiality & Ethics

    I attach the highest importance to the maintenance of clients’ confidentiality. In this and other ethical regards I abide by the Ethical Guidelines of the British Psychoanalytic Council. The services I offer are private and confidential.

    I will not normally give information about you to anyone other than my clinical supervisors, unless: I have reason to believe that someone, especially a child, is at risk of serious harm; or if I have a legal duty to disclose information or where disclosure is permitted by law and is required to protect my interest; or where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent.

    If your service is being paid for by another organisation or agency, such as your employer, I may disclose how many sessions you have attended but will not normally give any information about the content of sessions

  • ✓ Client Records and Data Protection

    I keep confidential records and statistics about clients in keeping with the government’s GDPR changes in May 2018. All records are kept secure and subject to the Data Protection Act 1998