Most of us experience difficulties in our lives at some point. People come to me for all sorts of different reasons, sometimes when they are feeling anxious and worried, or when they are feeling like they have run out of solutions.

Find out more about the types of therapies I offer:

There are many confusing descriptions out there. You may be wondering whether you need counselling or psychotherapy, couple counselling or relationship psychotherapy, marriage guidance or coaching, just to list a few! Broadly, they are all similar but they reflect different lengths and depths of working. I am happy to answer more questions when we meet.

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Whether you are married, or in a long or short term partnership, in a civil relationship, separated or together, wondering whether to separate or divorce, heterosexual, gay or lesbian, couple and individual counselling and psychotherapy can be extremely supportive.

If you would like to ask questions about couple counselling and psychotherapy, or to book an initial appointment, please email me or call me on the details below.

These are just some of the issues that people bring:

  • Relationship issues, including parenting, conflict, separation and divorce, breakups, difficulties with families of origin, parental relationships and siblings
  • Difficulties co-parenting as a couple together or apart
  • Help with untangling destructive or abusive relationship patterns such as violence
  • Addiction or self-medication issues such as alcohol, sex, affairs, drugs, food
  • Sexual relationship, including issues with desire or sexuality, guilt
  • Anxiety, stress and depression, identity issues, self-esteem, feeling empty and stuck, disliking yourself or others, disliking your life, anger management
  • Life transitions including a new career or redundancy and retirement, divorce and separation, becoming a new parent, being in a new relationship
  • Trauma including illness, bereavement and loss
  • Work, including stress, bullying