You and work

I have coached and taught at London Business School, and I am a qualified in using a number of psychometric testing tools to help you with a development plan encompassing personal, professional and performance issues.

I have worked as an organisational consultant, working with organisations, teams as well as coaching individuals. My own experience of working in both the private and public sector as well as my psychoanalytic training means that I can offer a chance to really tackle change and look at the issues that work under the surface, and that sometimes prevent us from reaching our potential.

Often difficulties at work mirror difficulties in our families of origin. Companies can mirror families. I will work with you, for instance to plot a family genogram, to help understand some of your early experiences in your family and draw links with your work experience.


If you would like to ask questions about couple counselling and psychotherapy, or to book an initial appointment, please email me or call me at: or on
T: 0208 452 0794 M: 07816 523 951

Here are just some of the issues that
people bring:


  • Feeling overwhelmed with stress and pressure
  • Difficulties with a career transition or changing into a new role
  • Difficulties with colleagues, bullying, feeling unable to be heard, feeling/being undermined
  • Difficulties with making decisions, procrastination, or impulsive behaviour
  • Anger and aggression management, finding conflict difficult
  • Lack of confidence in role, feeling like a fraud
  • Feeling isolated at work and vulnerable, not part of the pack
  • Facing redundancy or unfair dismissal, or needing to dismiss colleagues and team members
  • Feeling frustrated, as if you are not reaching your full potential
  • Difficulties managing a team
  • Difficulties at home, such as relationship problems are impacting on work
  • Self-medication to deal with stress such as drinking too much, not sleeping, drugs, overeating