You and your partner

Reliable research eg by Atkins, Baucom and Yi conclude that a sizeable proportion of couples entering counseling or couple therapy improve, and improve by a large margin.

Most people would probably agree that the quality of our closest relationships deeply affects how we feel about ourselves. Much less widely acknowledged however – although just as true – is the fact that the quality of these relationships has material and measurable consequences for our lives and those around us, affecting the emotional, and physical development of ourselves, our children, our capacity to work and to be fulfilled in work, and our physical and mental health as we get older.

It can feel immensely daunting to see a professional about your most intimate relationship, but most couples find that ultimate the process can bring enormous relief as well as positive changes, increasing understanding and communication, alleviating depression and improving all round intimacy, including sex.

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If you have children, the quality of your couple relationship can greatly affect them, and seeking help with your relationship can literally improve the mental and physical health of your family.

My approach is to include spending some time thinking about our families of origin. Our first experience of a couple is our parents, and I think that it’s useful to explore our early experiences and how these may be affecting our current relationship, we all tend to bring our experiences with us.

If you would like to ask questions about couple counselling and psychotherapy, or to book an initial appointment, please email me or call me at: or on T: 0208 452 0794 M: 07816 523 951

Here are just some of the issues that
people bring:

relationship counselling london

  • how to resolve conflicts in your couple
  • Relationship issues; including parenting, conflict, separation and divorce, working through breakups, what is a good enough relationship?
  • Co-parenting issues post divorce or separation or struggles with co-parenting as a married or un-married couple
  • Re-locating from/to abroad
  • Destructive or abusive relationship patterns including violence
  • Addiction or self-medication issues eg alcohol, sex, affairs, drugs, food
  • Sexual relationship; including issues with desire or sexuality, guilt, shame, what do affairs mean?
  • Anxiety, stress and depression, identity issues, self-esteem, feeling empty or stuck
  • Disliking yourself or others, disliking your life, anger management
  • Life transitions including a new career or redundancy and retirement
  • Trauma including illness, bereavement and loss
  • Work, including stress, bullying, team conflict impacting on your couple relationship